DEAL On Prepackaged CBD Flower Jars – Bulk Supply To Sell In Your Shop

Prepackaged cbd flower jars if you’ve been keeping up with the latest cannabis and hemp industry trends, you probably noticed a dramatic uptick in high scale packaging. 

It might seem frivolous to some – after all, good buds are the most important thing here right? Yes, that’s true, but it’s certainly not the only factor here. Packaging is a huge source of marketing for many modern cannabis brands.

As a consumer myself, there have been numerous occasions where I wasn’t sure what dispensary to shop at, so packaging was the deciding factor. There is actually a dispensary right down the road from me that sells all their flowers prepackaged in glass, child-proof, tamper-proof jars. I go there whenever I feel like I need a new stash-jar for my personal collection. 

But prepackaged cannabis and hemp flowers are more than just fun and trendy. Prepackaged buds provide a certain level of safety and quality. For example, by California law, any flowers sold here must be packaged with a tamper-proof seal at the lab where they were tested for cannabinoid profiles and contaminants. That means that once these hemp buds are tested, nothing else is coming in contact with the flowers until they reach the consumers hand, which absolutely offers some additional peace of mind.

It’s not just humans that benefit from high quality, prepackged hemp flowerthough, it’s better for the environment as well. I can’t tell you how many pop-top plastic pot jars I accumulated at the dispensaries here before this new packaging law went into effect, but that number is definitely in the hundreds somewhere. That’s A LOT of plastic making its way through many hands and possibly into the environment. Anything that helps reduce plastic waste is a plus in my book. 

All that said, we currently have a deal on Prepackaged CBD Hemp Flower jars to sell in your dispensary or online shop. We have 3 different strains that be available in airtight, tamper proof glass jars in a variety of different weights: 3.5 grams (1/8 of an ounce), 10 grams, and 28 grams (1 ounce). These strains are Jazz Cabbage, Widow, and Lifter. These flowers are grown at a farm in Western Colorado, which aims to grow the best quality hemp that’s safe and enjoyable for customers.

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